Reading: Net Neutrality – Two Sided Markets

While reading numerous articles came across these fantastic papers on the debate. Markets, Policies and nuances. Go Read –

The Economics of two sided markets

Network neutrality on the Internet: A two-sided market analysis

The Debate on Net Neutality: A Policy Perspective

Game Theory: Prisoner’s Dilemma

Net Neutrality and Consumer Welfare

Strategies for Two Sided Markets


What Must be done!

The obituaries of mind,

Obstructed by the glimmer of hope.


Memories unbound,

Unravelling the traumatic past.


Nostalgia in all its glory,

Forgotten at its shore.


The bitter pill of deceit,

Served cold.


The conundrum is hard to unravel,

Without repercussions.


Should you stay silent or make some noise?

Random Images: Poetic Justice

One of those days of random Flickr images and captioning them-

Hazy Shadows disintegrating into the street. Two lights for company or to obliviate it?

Universe on the edge. Bubble burst at the first thought of externalities.

White Swan or Black? Internet is grey.

Path that leads to something. No respite from surrounding. Aim. Shoot.

Deamons in the mind. Shadowy existence. Track-ed life.

Thousand voices roaring. You want to hear them or mute the thoughts?

Looking through the windowsill. Half open. To leave or stay?

Under the flowery bed of dreams. Slept or half awake?